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Honda Grom 10.0 lumen LED headlight kit.

Honda Grom 10.0 lumen LED headlight kit.

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Item Code:CIL-H4-gromkit
Complete LED upgrade kit with all necessary parts required to convert your Honda Grom headlight to DC.

- Uses the Cyclops 10.0 LED Headlight Bulb
- Plug and Play
- Positap Connectors for the DC Jumper Wire

Please Note: Your high beam indicator light will not operate with this kit. This kit is not recommended for the EU projector headlight.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
I ordered the Cyclops Grom kit and received it in a few days. The instructions where easy to fallow and took about an Hr to install, the hardest part was getting my plastic covers off. The positap connectors make the install easy and secure, Nice touch Cyclops! This kit does cause you to loose the high beam indicator, but for such a huge increase in both light for night riding and light that allows other s to see me that is well worth it. Great Kit!
Reviewed by:  from Ocean Side . - 6/22/2015
5 Stars
Highly recommended
Install wasn't too bad. Also it eliminates the blue highbeam indicator on your speedometer but honestly it's never bothered me. Absolute night and day difference in lighting. The stock halogen bulb is crap compared to this led. I love the sound it makes when you turn your key on too. Very happy with my purchase. Would definitely recommend this product.
Reviewed by:  from San Pablo, Ca. - 7/22/2017
5 Stars
Originally I went to purchase a 2017 Grom due to the LED headlights being stock. However they didn't have black at the time so I went with the 2015 in black and there isn't much difference except with the halogen headlight. Its horrible honestly. So I looked online for an LED bulb and came across this. I thought let me give it a try and man its made a night and day difference. I don't even care that I have the 2015 anymore. Lots of light and its nice and wide and cuts beautifully. I couldn't be happier with it, so much so that I bought one for my Yamaha bolt and haven't even made the first payment on it. Its been in my Grom for about 8 months and no issues at all. Well done Cyclops.
Reviewed by:  from New York. - 6/2/2017
5 Stars
serious light for my grom
The LED light upgrade for my Grom is probably one of the best mods I have done. Bright white light and lots of it. No more night driving with the sub par stock light.
Reviewed by:  from Seattle, WA. USA. - 5/29/2015
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