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Extreme LED Race light

Extreme LED Race light

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Polycarbonate Filters

Say goodbye to HID! This high quality LED race light will out shine any 8" HID while giving a far better field of light and customization of output power. A race light that can work well on trails or in Baja! Pair it with a set of filters and a dimmer to create the ultimate race light. The lightest and farthest reaching high speed race light available!

- 50 watts Dc power
- Weighs 5.5 lbs / 2 lbs under the lightest 8 inch HID
- Over 1200 feet of usable light
- Aluminum frame
- Lifetime warranty on the lights 

Accessories Accessories
Skene IQ-275 LED Dimmer
Price: $69.95

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
LR Extremes big thumbs up!!!
I thought I would share my experience thus far with Cyclops Adventure Sports & the Long Range Extreme lights. The OEM lighting on the KTM 950SE sucks! The OEM lighting on most motorcycles sucks! I tried some major manufacture multi optic / emitter LED's to supplement the stock lighting, & they were all right. They served their purpose but basically just lit up road signs to the side of me w/o much benefit down range... the sorry stock headlight bulb was no help down range. I wanted something that would give great light down range for fast riding. I wanted high power, good penetration & distance, good spread, low draw, low weight, flexibility. I want it all!! I got it with these LR Extremes packaged in Darryl's race light. It appears that the market is saturated with manufacturers (some very good) that produce light bars and lights with small, multi-optic lights that produce gobs of light in front of your nose, but lack penetration into the night far in front of you. For those with HID headlights that want to supplement in the short range, these multi-optic lights & light bars are maybe a good fit. In my experience, however, I feel like the larger optic single emitter light, such as these LR Extremes produces far better, clearer, more penetrating, & efficient lighting. These 2 LED's draw a whopping 25 watts each at full power. Less on low beam that I have dimmed to 60% with a Skene dimmer. I typically run one amber spot filter & one wide-angle clear filter during the day. The amber filter allows for motorists to see me much sooner & further away than if I was just running clear filters. I get comments all the time about this... "You really stand out". "I can always see you behind me." "I can see you a mile away." If you have not tried single emitter LED's or are not satisfied with your current setup, do it! Darryl is a great guy, has a passion for our sport, is knowledgeable, and will support you after the sale. I'm betting you'll wish you did it sooner. Hope this helps any of you on the fence or considering a purchase. I can't imagine what 4 or 6 of these babies would do on a truck!!!
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City. - 12/4/2014
5 Stars
Best Lights on the planet
I have been racing and riding at night for the past 15 years. I have competed and finished the Baja 1000 four times so I have had some experience with various lighting packages. The Cyclops Race Light is by far the best light with the least amount of weight out there. This light helped our team to victory in the 2013 24 hour race in Goldendale finishing 1st expert and 4th overall. Darrel and the Cyclops team provides excellent support after the sale and at all the various events that he attends. I highly recommend Cyclops and the products they produce!
Reviewed by:  from La Center, Washington. - 6/9/2015
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