Explorer Dirtbike /Snowbike Light

Explorer Dirtbike /Snowbike Light


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Add relayed harness for KTM/Husky help
Relayed harness for KTM/Husky EFI [+$49.94]
New design for 2019 featuring smaller switch, metal handle bar mounts and options to allow this light to work for many applications, more info coming soon!
Specifically designed for snowbike applications this light has a small footprint with a big punch. Perfect for those who want a light to "get off the hill" or be legal in areas that require headlights. (most states) 
This light easily mounts to a Number plate and runs from the bikes power. Applications for any bike available. 
   It uses a go pro type mount with a aluminum platform to mount almost anywhere. No plastic parts on the light head.
Included is a rubber handle bar mounted switch with 2 power level settings and a strobe pattern.
Combo beam pattern, spot and wide beam in one light. Compatible with Go Pro mounts, Perfect for modern EFI bikes.

Includes wire harness
3500 lumens 
Spot and flood beam in one light
25 watt power draw.
2 year warranty, does not include crash damage.
4 inches long by 1.350 high
Absolutely worth the money
I got my explorer light yesterday and tried it out. I was waiting for this light to come back into stock so I put a cheap light bar on my dual sport. The cheap Amazon lights are like trying to light up a football stadium with a candle compared to using the stadium lights. I am amazed how something so small can put out that much light. I can't say enough about these lights.
Reviewed by:  from Parkdale OR. on 10/21/2018
The little light that can
I ran the NE challenge this last summer. I wanted a reliable light with lots of punch, but also did not want a large heavy light. I saw this light at a snowmobile show in upper Ny last fall and remembered it once the race came around. I am so happy I did, Everyone at the NE challenge was blown away by how much punch this little light that can, put out. While others on my team had issues with their "other" brand setsups. My Cyclops Explorer not only out preformed their big heavy light bars, but worked flawlessly the entire race. I can not be happier!
Reviewed by:  from NY. on 9/5/2018
AMAZING Little Light!
Ever seen the Men In Black? This is the Noisey Cricket. I don't understand how so much light can come from a tiny little light bar. Don't have stator power? No problem, get the battery pack and ride for hours on one charge. I am running this off my 2017 YZ450F. With my grip heaters off it will run this light on HI without any issues. Grip heaters still get lukewarm with this light on at the same time.
Reviewed by:  from Arlington, WA. on 1/31/2018
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