BMW R1200RT/R1250RT  LED headlight bulb kit
BMW R1200RT/R1250RT LED headlight bulb kit

BMW R1200RT/R1250RT LED headlight bulb kit

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What year is your RT?
2005 through 2012 includes 2013 standard model
2013 through 2020 R1200RT/ R1250RT [+$29.95]
We finally made our popular bulbs for the Rt into a kit so you don't have to think about what to order.
 Used by state and local police department motorunits across the USA
 The kit comprises of the correct bulbs for both low and high beam and any extra parts that may be required, using our new 4.8 H7 bulb the kit will provide very good daytime conspicuity and night time visibility.
 It is very important to follow the year selection, although the bikes do share the same headlight through the years, the kit required is different.
 Now shipping with the new RF versions to eliminate any possible radio interference

  All parts fit under stock BMW caps
 high and low beams in one kit
 Ip68 rated

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm -
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.
This upgrade is a GAME CHANGER!!
I preemptively installed this LED light set as I spent way too much time on my 2009 R1200RT messing around with bulb replacement. The 2020 R1250RT is far worse than the 2009. The center bulb is reachable but the outer two bulbs would be miserable to attempt and even worse on a road trip. My goal of this install was to get away from bulbs that can burn out, get a brighter white light and overall put more light in front of the bike. I went on to BMWLT forum and got fairing disassembly instructions to remove the headlight assembly. Following these made the disassembly process very easy. Once I had all the plastic removed and the headlight assembly off, the actual light install took 45 mins – part of which was me reading and re-reading instructions before starting the process. The light install went really well and Cyclops’s instructions were easy to follow. Points of emphasis for the install are: - the silicone dab is important as it sets the light’s base in place. Check to be certain it is dabbed and not smeared all over. Check from the front to make certain no silicone is visible, caused by smearing. - after connecting the lights, test the assembly on the bike. Once it tests OK, put all the wires and connectors inside the headlight as the instructions suggest. - flip the light around and check to make certain no wires are visible from the front of the head light. - test the assembly again prior to installing on the bike. I have a set of Cyclops Optimus aux lights mounted and with this headlight install, all my lights are now a bright white! This really is a reasonably easy upgrade to make to the bike. I would recommend it to others.
Reviewed by:  from Fairfield IA. on 5/3/2021
I switched out my headlights and my wife's headlights for this kit and it was a night and day difference. The LED's are a bight white where the standard bulb that comes with the RT is more of a dingy orange. Also I like that fact that it being a LED you don't have to worry about a bulb going out when you are in some small town and need to replace your headlight bulb. I train BMW riders U.S. wide to become Ride Marshals for cycling and running events and all of them have switched over to these and love them as much as we do. With out a doubt it is a no brainer to make the switch.
Reviewed by:  from North Salt Lake. on 9/17/2020
Lifelong Rider
I replaced four sets of OEM headlights bulbs in three years. They would last for about a year, and then one would burn out. Then, another. And another. I actually had two burn out within days of each other. Talk about fed up. I purchased a set of these and couldn't be more happy. They are bright, and most of all, they don't burn out. I'm two years in and these lights are amazing! I recommend a full tear-down of the upper fairing for easiest installation.
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 6/16/2020
Conversion for '16 RT Wethead
Great service and product for the current BMW RT. I posted a review on the following forum website and asked if I might share it on the product web site. Includes installation and comparison details. I couldn't be happier.
Reviewed by:  from Bot-Hell, WA, USA (For a Day or a Lifetime). on 7/18/2019
Cyclops Conversion 2009 R1200RT
I have an 09 R1200RT (last year of the Hexhead) and no radio so noise is not a concern. Bought the headlight ‘kit’ (for this bike it’s just 3 of their H7 LEDs). Ordered Friday afternoon, it arrived Tuesday. It took me 1.5 hours from the time the package arrived until the job was done, including reading the instructions and fixing a cup of coffee. Everything fit under the lamp caps, no cutting holes. While the later years RTs are likely more difficult here’s my initial feedback: 1. Don’t mess around with standing on your head and wrenching your shoulder - [i]take the front fairing/headlight assembly off[/i]. It’s need to mess with the silicone sealer trick in the Cyclops instructions for lamp positioning. 2. With the headlight assembly sitting face-down on carpet (to avoid scratches) install the lights. 3. Pay particular attention to keeping the wonderful little BMW wire lamp retainers out of the way, otherwise they get lodged in the lamp fan vent slots; once the lamp is properly seated, hold it in place, flip the fairing around and make sure it’s centered and not touching the internal ‘shades’ in the bucket. Once centered you can then wrangle the wire bails into position and lock the lamps in. 4. Route the pigtails around the inside of the lamp cavity and place the ballast in the 3 o’clock position per the printed instructions. 5. The center lamp (high beam my Hexhead) orientation can make it a challenge to get the wiring harness in...take your time, it will fit. Because of this orientation the wire bails will be more difficult to lock as well...use a small screwdriver as your fingers will likely not do it. 6. When you plug the lamp in the + and - polarities are marked on the Cyclops connector; remember on the BMW side brown is the ground (-). Still need to do an evening test but it looks great and daytime driveway test does not indicate oncoming drivers will be annoyed...
Reviewed by:  from NW Oregon. on 5/29/2019
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