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7000 Lumen H4 LED Headlight Bulb

7000 Lumen H4 LED Headlight Bulb

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Item Code:CIL-LEDMD-H4-7000

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Add Rectifier for AC Powered Dirt Bikes, Quads and Snowmobiles?
Is this bulb for a Honda ST1300?

New for 2017 - 7000 Lumen Edition!

Simply the brightest, smallest, most reliable H4 replacement LED light available! Get HID performance with the benefits of LED. Don't be fooled by poor quality impostors with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle or automotive closed off headlight bucket. This is the best H4 LED headlight and only available from Cyclops and our select partners.
 Proper low beam cutoff to prevent blinding oncoming drivers

6th Generation Improvements:
- New Shield for the best low beam cutoff on the market.
- Brighter/Better Low/High Beam Contrast
- Lower Kelvin Color
- Reduced Size
- Smaller, Replaceable Drivers (This means if the bulb is out of warranty and there is an issue, parts are available. The only LED bulb on the market to offer parts.)
- Simplified Installation
- Enhanced Reliability

Product Overview:
- Cree XM-L2 and XHP50 series Emitters all emitters fire on High Beam!
- High & Low Beam Modes
- Fan Cooled for Extreme Conditions and Long Life. A fan is a must for any quality LED Bulb.
- Compatible with H4 Motorcycle and Automotive Headlights
- No External Ballast or Boxes to Mount
- Vibration proof
- Water resistant

Technical Specs:
- Color Temperature 5500K
- Power Draw: 25 Watts on Low / 50 Watts on High
- 12 Month Warranty

DC Voltage Only
If you have AC powered headlights, you will also need the optional rectifier shown (see product options to add one). Most street legal bikes are DC powered, exceptions being the KTM EXC 250/525/530 carburetor equipped bikes and most other dirt-based dual sport bikes. The WR250r is a DC powered bike.

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Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
Great improvement!
Came from using the 3800 Lumen bulb for last 2 years. The only thing I felt it was lacking was the low beam setting. It really wasn't even the brightness. It was just a little too diffuse. Now with the 7000 Lumen bulb and boy is it bright on the low beam. Also the low beam is more directional with more light on the road 30 feet out. I highly recommend this bulb.
Reviewed by:  from Bountiful. - 10/7/2017
5 Stars
Better than PIAA
So Ive been putting PIAA bulbs in my bikes and cars for years. Installed a PIAA NightTech in my XR650L to replace the piece of junk stock bulb. First time riding I was surprised how bad it was. Had to slow down to get home, and figured I wasted $50. My bro recommended Cyclops. Order up the 7000, had it in two days. Mild modification to the rubber boot on the install, a little two sided foam tape to isolate the black finned box. Holy crap, it’s bright. However I noticed an issue with the wiring. Talked to Greg, he immediately and without question sent me a replacement and a call tag for the bad one. Two days later, it's working great. Soooo much brighter than the PIAA. I would buy the Cyclops based on the performance alone over the stock and the PIAA. But the customer service will keep me coming back for sure. Well done. Thanks!!
Reviewed by:  from CT. - 9/28/2017
5 Stars
Huge improvement over stock
Installed this on my Suzuki DR650 and it is a tremendous improvement over the stock bulb. I can see much better and the color of the LED is very nice. I feel more visible to other drivers as well both day and night. No issues of blinding other drivers either. Installation was fairly straight forward. Pro Tip - On the DR650 install the bulb in the rubber protective boot and then roll the boot back over the bulbs fan (kind of inside out). Reinstall the retaining clip and then roll the boot back down over the clip and bulb.
Reviewed by:  from Dacula. - 9/20/2017
5 Stars
Wow. WOW WOW WOW. I installed the bulb right after the mail came and it was hard to wait for the night to test it. The videos do not do this bulb justice. It fit easily in my 2000 Honda Shadow Sabre after slicing the rubber boot as expected. No adjustment was necessary. It's like adding three light bars but instead of spending a grand, it's well under a hundred bucks. Signs over 200 yards away glow like they are illuminated from inside; and that is on low beam. I didn't get a single person flashing their brights at me on two state highways. Later I rode down a completely dark country road covered with a canopy of mature trees and didn't even feel the urge to flip up to the high beam. Yeah, after 40 years of riding I'm impressed.
Reviewed by:  from Northern Illinois. - 9/8/2017
5 Stars
I have never thought that the lighting on my Triumph Trophy SE was bad until i replaced my lamps with the 7000 Lumen H4 LED. they are just as accurate and have a great throw distance.The install from under and between the forks was a snap i'm very happy i did this great system.
Reviewed by:  from Hawthorne. - 8/24/2017
5 Stars
It's Lit
First time ordering from cyclops adventure sports, won't be the last. - shipping came in one day - quality products, packaged very well - installed in less than 10 minutes and is insanely bright If you're on the edge, like I was, about the 7000 lumen - it's worth it.
Reviewed by:  from BC. - 7/15/2017
5 Stars
Awesome results.
I wanted more power, my halogen H4 not was enought, and I dont like that when I put high beam light, the low beam light turn off, because the road was dark in front of me... With the 7000 Lm H4 LED bulb this doesnt happend!! I was looking for in inthernet information about reliable LED bulbs and anybody talk bad about Cyclops, so I bought it. I installed it in 20 minutes and the fan sound is unperceptible with the engine running at idle. The intensity of the light is very good, much better than stock Osram halogen. The color is perfect for the best quality light, that I call arctic white, no blue or yellow. The bulb fits perfectly in my OEM reflector (Honda FMX 650 Funmoto), so the cut-off in low beam is PERFECT, any glare in low beam and all the performance in the correct place!! The High beam is simply awesome. In a dark road, asphalted or sanded, this bulb is enough, something like 3 or 4 OEM halogen bulbs (H4 Osram Bilux 60/55W). I am very happy with this bulb. When I will buy another bike, I will buy another bulb from Cyclops.
Reviewed by:  from Spain. - 6/22/2017
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