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4000 Lumen H7 LED Headlight Bulb

4000 Lumen H7 LED Headlight Bulb

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The brightest H7 LED bulb available at a true 4000 lumens! New Cree XHP50 emitters X2 offer superior beam patterns. Fan cooled for extreme conditions. Better than HID performance with the benefits of LED on your auto, bike, quad or UTV. The longest lasting and most reliable replacement H7 LED headlight bulb available. Includes H7 connector.

Don't fall victim to poor quality LED bulbs with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle or automotive closed off headlight bucket. This is the best H7 LED headlight and only available from Cyclops and our select partners.

6th Generation Features
- Plug and Play
- BMW Canbus compatible
- Cree XHP50 Emitters X2
- Replaceable Driver
- Smaller Diameter Housing

Technical Specs
- Lumen Rating: 4000
- Color Temperature: 5700K
- Power Draw: 30 Watts
- One Year Warranty

Operates on DC voltage only. If you have an AC powered headlight, you will also need the rectifier shown (see accessories). Most factory street legal bikes are DC powered, so this is not necessary for factory street legal bikes, exceptions being the KTM EXC 250/450/525/530 02-2011 carbed bikes, Yamaha WR450 carburetor version, and Honda CRFX 250/450. If you have a street legal bike from the factory that is not listed as an exception, you should not need the rectifier.

If the bulbs are for a BMW f800, 700, or 650GS please go to THIS PRODUCT.
BMW F Bike Kit for 2014 and newer also available - VIEW BMW F BIKE KIT

Accessories Accessories
T10 LED parking light bulb
Price: $14.95

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
Headlights finally match the performance of my BMW K1300S
I got my H7s for my K1300S on Tuesday. I had a bit of difficulty getting the adapter rings to seat flush, mostly due to the limited space on the high beams. The low beam was a piece of cake. I only did a quick test and was impressed, but didn't get to do a road test until tonight. I knew the high beams would be fine as far as beam pattern, but I had some concerns about the low beam due to reports with previous generations of your LED bulbs. Well, I had no need to be worried. The beam pattern was almost exactly the same as the halogen bulb, just whiter and much brighter. The low beam went from good to great. The high beams went from good to Oh My God is that the sun! No LAMPF faults yet but I didn't do more than go for gas and take a slightly long route home. In any event I'm very pleased with the results.
Reviewed by:  from New Jersey . - 7/7/2016
5 Stars
To good to be true.
I can not say how happy I am with this product. I tried a competitors first to save a few bucks. After seeing a friends Cyclops setup in his GS800 and comparing them to my ADV monster mesh in my R1200Gs, I was shocked by the difference. The Cyclops is much whiter, not blue. It also offered a very sharp cutoff and substantially more usable light. The install was a bit of a trick, the instructions did help tremendously. Thanks Cyclops!
Reviewed by:  from SanJose Ca. - 11/23/2015
5 Stars
Simple and Easy for 2012 Ducati Monster
I called up the guys at Cyclop before placing the order. Wasn't sure if it was going to fit. Because I'm only about 30 mins away from their office, they offered to install it for me if I rode down. But I'd thought I'd give it a try myself to see if it will fit so I placed an order for the H7 kit. It took a few days to arrive and it was a simple unplug and replace installation. The fan was a bit larger so when I close the back cover, I had to ease it in a bit by balancing the pressure from different screws, but that was the only challenge. Once in, I realized how much brighter this looks. Because it fits within the original reflector housing, the light pattern is as good as the old halogen except the intensity is so much stronger. And the color is just awesome, definitely grabbing attention and gaining more visibility. I highly recommend this. The high beams (H1) however is a different story. There's not enough clearance in the housing so the folks at Cyclops recommended that I don't order that part, good call. Once I opened up the housing, I realized that they are absolutely right. Good products. Great service!!
Reviewed by:  from Kirkland, WA. - 5/24/2015
5 Stars
Replacing low beam after 1 year 4 months
I love these lights! Being seen = safety and these lights help me get noticed day and night. One of the LEDs is starting to fail on my low beam so I am purchasing a replacement. I don't really care that I might have to replace the low beam every year+, it's worth it as far as I'm concerned. The performance is excellent and lights afford me some extra wattage to run other lighting/charging/heating gear. No problems with the canbus as well.
Reviewed by:  from HB California. - 2/14/2018
5 Stars
Truly the best upgrade for the price. There is no comparison. I installed it on a 2015 Piaggio BV 350 and that's all I'll ever need. Thanks for the great product and thanks to Greg.
Reviewed by:  from East Bay. - 2/1/2018
5 Stars
The Difference is Night & Day!
Just installed a pair of these in my 2018 BMW K1600 B (high beams). The stock halogen high-beams barely even show up against the Xenon adaptive low beam headlight. When I flashed drivers they hardly even noticed, especially during the daytime. That's all in the past now! These lights installed very easily, with the controller unit fitting easily in the headlight bucket on each side of the K1600 B. I didn't need to re-aim my headlights afterwards. The high beams are much whiter/brighter than the original halogens. Definitely grabs attention with just a short flash, which can make all the difference when riding during both the night and the day. I highly recommend them!
Reviewed by:  from Atlanta. - 1/16/2018
5 Stars
Versys 650lt MK3 Bulb Upgrade
Very noticeable improvement, I can finally see what's in-front of me when riding in the evening. Installation is not plug and play, but it's not difficult to install. If you want to see a comparison of results or how to install them for that type of headlight, please search on the forums.
Reviewed by:  from California. - 9/11/2017
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