3600 Lumen LED Headlight Bulb for Dirt Bikes

3600 Lumen LED Headlight Bulb for Dirt Bikes

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Please note: As of October 18th we are temporarily suspending sales of the 3600 bulb in all base styles . We are re-engineering this part and estimate we'll have the new version available mid-January.

Get HID performance with the benefits of LED. This is the original and newly updated Cyclops 3600 Lumen LED Bulb, the highest performing, most reliable LED bulb for dirt bikes currently available. No external ballast or boxes to mount. Fits H6M and KTM/Husky style BA20d and H4 bases, pick your option in the drop down menu. Outstanding performance with AC(rectifier option required) or DC power, no need for high output or rewound stators! Supplied with H4 or KTM style connector, please choose your option. 

Note: If you have a 2014 or newer KTM or 2015 and newer Husqvarna's, you must use this kit instead:

- High / Low Modes
- Fan Cooled for Extreme Conditions
- Vibration Proof
- Water Resistant

This light operates on DC voltage only, if you have an AC powered headlight you will also need the rectifier kit (see product accessories). Most KTM, Husaburg, Husky, Gas Gas, Yamaha and Honda non-EFI dirt bikes are AC powered at the headlight, even if it has a battery.

We recommend this bulb for the USA KTM 950/990 ADV H4 base for maximum off road light output.. Note this bulb does not dip for low beam, If you need the dip please order the 3800 H4 bulb. The 990 would not use the KTM connector. Uk 990's use an H7 and H3 bulb.

Technical Specs
- Lumen Rating: 3600 (RAW)
- Color Temperature: 5700K
- Power Draw: 20 Watts on Low / 30 Watts on High
- Life Span: 30,000 hours
- 12 Month Warranty

Please note: H6m customers will need to install a H4 connector on their bike. The BA20d will NOT fit aftermarket Ba20d Headlight housings with the bail style clips.

Check out the forum on ADV Rider about this exceptional LED! - JOIN THE CONVERSATION
Lasted about a year. All in all, great lights!
Wanted LED lights, mostly so when I flash my brights at people they actually notice. LED's are more flashy than traditional bulbs. After about a year and 3,000 miles, my LEDs have started to give out. It started with just flickers for certian area's of the 3 main LED units. Now I'm down to one out of four running LED lights. Both high beams still work though, probably because I use them the least. All in all, a good bulb. Lasted probably a good year and a half. Expected a little more from an LED, but I also ordered the first batch ever made available... So I would be hoping to bet they've matured a little bit since I purchased them.
Reviewed by:  from Provo, UT. on 1/13/2016
Works great on my KDX200
The 3600 with the rectifier works great on my KDX200. It blows away the light I had from a 35w halogen. It is the simple solution for getting great light on a low power ac system. This is virtually plug and play, I didn't need to upgrade my stator or rewire my bike to dc.
Reviewed by:  from South Dakota. on 11/20/2015
06 KTM 450EXC - easy install
Great customer service, fast shipping, and easy to install. Took me 15 minutes to get it completely installed with the rectifier. The bulb is 100x better than stock. Highly recommended. I cannot comment on longevity as I have only had it installed for one day but the difference in light output is substantial even with the stock KTM reflector. Thanks!
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 10/4/2016
The Hammer
WOW! Has to be the best $50 bucks you can spend on an upgrade for your bike. I installed the 3600 Lumens LED bulb in my 2008 WR450F and was blown away because now I have a functional headlight for night rides and rider safety since the bike is street legal. Trust me you will not be disappointed in your purchase from Cyclops Adventure Sports.
Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 9/23/2016
WOW! The amount of light that comes out of the little upgrade is astonishing! The stock bulb is literally like trying to use a candle compared to this. I cant speak about durability yet but the initial impression is fantastic.
Reviewed by:  from Oregon. on 9/17/2016
2012 KTM 500 EXC 3600 install
Just finished my install. 500% improvement over stock. Here's some lessons learned / tips for a little cleaner install. If you pull the Low beam (small bulb) out cover or cork the hole to prevent dirt or water from getting inside the lense area. Definitely use the spacers to shift the lense area forward to prevent the fan guard from hitting the frame head tube. I had to use the fork tube spacers as well. Once I did that, I also used spacers (cut up a plastic pen tube the same length as provided spacers - redneck engineering) on the fender posts to raise the light up vertically (that also creates a little more clearance from the head tube). These steps combined to give a little higher beam with less fender blocking of the beam. I wasn't happy with the slightly loose/wobbly KTM adaptor fit, so I cut a piece of electrical the depth of the adaptor and single wrapped it around the base of the light where the screw hole is. I then just poked a hole in the tape where tbe hole is, and it worked perfect (removed any play). To prevent straining the adaptor and little screw, I'd recommend mounting the adaptor first then placing the light into it and then putting the screw in. The directions say you may have to do this, but I recommend it for sure. It took quite a bit of force to spin the adaptor into the lugs of the headlight mask, force that would otherwise be transferred to the screw, light, and KTM adaptor contact points. Hope my inputs help. Durability is to be determined, but what a visibility difference! Awesome upgrade for the money. Great job Cyclops!
Reviewed by:  from Temecula, Ca. on 1/14/2016
3600 Lumen
I have a 2014 700 Grizzly I installed a 13 inch led light bar which is very Bright. With the light bar on you could hardly tell the stock headlights were on and when off the stock headlights are terrible. Very skeptically I ordered the 3600 Lumen Cyclops bulbs. WOW do they work GREAT. Tricky to get in my buckets, but did with no modification. I could not use the H-4 plug, I had to cut and butt connect the 3 wires. I reused the 2 stock sealing rubber covers on each headlight. They are as bright as the light bar. Ordering 2 more today for the wifes machine. Well worth it for me to see at night, with the light bar off.
Reviewed by:  from Niceville, Florida. on 11/24/2015
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