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2023-24 KTM 890/790 Explorer light bar LED auxiliary light kits

Item Code: 890-23-EXP
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Price: $544.45

The 2023-24 KTM 890/790 is a fantastic bike that deserves a well-rounded lighting setup that actually fits the bike and is not oversized. We ride hard, so we know better!  You didn't buy a GS for a reason!

 Added for 2023 is the extremely potent Explorer mini light bar kit. Manufactured with an Aluminum housing and Polycarbonate multi degree optics.

  This compact package offers 3 different beam patterns in each light for an extremely smooth beam pattern and a nearly staggering 15000 lumens of blended light. No other compact light even comes close! These fit snuggly under the front fairing of the 890, not requiring any elaborate mount and offer superior lighting that look incredible and work extremely well on the bike.

  This kit is available only with the Skene IQ-285TS dimmer option. No handlebar switches are added to the bike. You can adjust low beam from off to 100% in 10% incrementsHowever, there is an option to add a drop out switch, when activated the lights will completely turn off.

 Cyclops KTM 890 Explorer LED light bar auxiliary light kits offer the industries only bike specific plug and play wiring harnesses. This kit plugs completely into existing KTM power connectors, it does use a Posi-Tap for high beam integration. Included is a set of Spyder wire sub-harnesses that allow you to also hook up GPS's or other electrical items to the factory connections.

  We set this kit up with the new Skene IQ-285TS, this controller allows the lights to drop out when the blinker is activated. This allows your blinker to be seen by others much better and allow you to adjust the low beam setting down to as much as 10-20% in low beam. 

Isolox chart in meters for single explorer light bar.



 Rugged Aluminum housing

 Polycarbonate lenses

10,25 and 40 degree light beams in each light.

 42 watt power draw per light.

 7000 plus lumens per light, nearly 15000 lumens for the set.

 Iso 68

 Here is a video of how the dimmer works and how to program it.

How to Program Dimmable Harness


Item In Cart Tuff Light full flex Blinkers
Item In Cart Skene P3 Tail/Brake Lighting System **Temp. Sold Out **
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