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2023 KTM 890 LED auxiliary light kits

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Price: $275.00
New Product:
 We will add more photos and info ASAP. Aurora kits in all options are available now. 
Explorer mini light bars available to start shipping March 20th

The 2023 KTM 890 is a fantastic bike that deserves a well-rounded lighting setup that actually fits the bike and is not oversized. We ride so we know better!  

 Cyclops KTM 890 LED auxiliary light kits offer bike specific plug and play wiring harnesses.


 You can choose wire harness options that include Dimming capability with an adjustable low beam with 10 different settings and no added switches to the bike. Hit your high beams the lights are at 100%, go to low beam and they will automatically dim to the level that you have programed into the dimmer.


Lighting options are the Daytime running light (DRL) in the Aurora package. With this setup you have the DRl’s on at all times, when you hit the factory high beam switch, the main auxiliary light will come on. If you choose you can also run the DRL Auroras with a dimmer, In this case we use a switch to use as a drop out, DRL's will be always on, when you activate the switch, you have a low and high beam on the Auxiliary light portion of the Aurora DRL lights, turn the switch off and you have no auxiliary lights other than the DRL.


 Added for 2023 is the extremely potent Explorer mini light bar kit. This compact package offers 3 different beam patterns in each light and a staggering 15000 lumens of blended light. No other mini light even comes close! These fit snuggly under the front fairing of the 890 and offer superior lighting and look incredible on the bike. This kit is available with or without dimming options. High beam activation without an added switch or a standard version with a handlebar switch.

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