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Orion Extreme Performance LED lights

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Price: $649.95
All NEW For Fall Of 2021
 The Single Emitter Orion Extreme Long Distance light is the longest throw auxiliary light you can install on a motorcycle. Bar NONE! 

You say you want the best? You say you want to see great at night with no Compromises, yet also want to make certain others see you during the brightest of sunny days.

 If this is you, our New Orion series Extreme performance LED auxiliary lights will turn dark nights into day, and if your anything like us they will put a smile on your face every time you turn them on. 

 We have taken the best in American made Cree LED technology and placed them in a multi emitter, multi optic light ( Orion7) for a smooth beam pattern that offers elliptical and spot pattern in one light and a single emitter design (Orion Long Range) for Extreme eye popping distance. use as sets or mix both together for the ultimate setup tailored for you. Combine these lights with the optional Selective amber lenses and / or the wide beam filters and these are a set of lights that have numerous options and tunability. 
 Multi emitter will be great for all around lighting, single emitter for max distance.

 Cases are Die cast and Polycarbonate hybrids. This design allows for the critical cooling and ruggedness expected with Cyclops products, but allows the lights to weigh in at a reasonable level.
 Mounts are  Stainless steel trunnion style for the Ultimate in ruggedness, perfect for your ADV bike or Tank.

 standard wire relayed wire harnesses included with kits not ordered with a Hexcan2
 When you order a set of these lights from Cyclops direct we will set you up with the correct wire harness for your chosen options. In other words if you chose a Hexcan 2 we provide the leads required to install that unit on your bike, 
 Here is a link to the hexcan 2, or order below in the add on index.  Hex Ez can gen 2 (cyclopsadventuresports.com)
 Note: These lights do not accept the Skene Dimmer system
E marked for you EU Riders! You wont have to worry about the authorities.

   These are substantial lights, not lightweight throw away units, MIL spec.
 Lifetime warrantied!
 Polycarbonate lenses. You will never break a lens!

 Specs for Orion line individual specs below.
  - 4.75 inches in Diameter
 -Polycarbonate lenses, Unbreakable!
Durable Uv resistant powder coated finish
- Hi Grade Aluminum alloy
-RF/EMI Protection
-Reverse polarity protection
-SAE J575 compliant/ Vibration resistance
- Deutch waterproof connectors
-IP 67 dust and water ingress
- Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology
- Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)
- Available as 2 Light Set with Wiring Harness

 Extreme long range single emitter lights.
  40 watt Cree emitter driven at 28.9 watts for each light,
 4.23 amps for the set.
 6000 lumens for the set..  Best for distance.
 Orion7  Multi emitter lights.
  10 watt Cree emitters driven at 7 watts per emitter,
 49 watts per light, 
7.42 Amps for the set. 
10,500 lumens for the set.  Best for overall lighting.




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