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KTM 690 Enduro Pegasus Auxiliary Light Kit

Item Code: CIL-690-Peg
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Price: $415.54
Now available with the potent and lightweight 28 watt Pegasus lights. Fits 2012 through 2018. Will also fit previous years, but the support straps would need to be left off, modified or replaced. Perfect fit for the 690. Lights feature a combo beam of 10 and 25 degrees in one compact light. The kit includes stainless steel powder coated mounts, lights and wire harness. Great field of view and good distance out to approximately 350 feet.

Available with the Skene Dimmer which allows you to adjust low beam intensity from off to 100% in 10% increments. No extra switches required. Uses factory high low switch. Alternatively, if you do not desire dimming features you can add the handlebar mounted switch and run the lights independently of the headlight, or go with the basic kit that ties in with the high beam, no added switch - When the headlight is on high lights are on, in low the auxiliary lights are off.

- Ip 68 rated
- Lifetime warranty 
- 28 watts per light
- 6000 lumens
- Combo beam patterns 
- 5600K
How to Program Dimmable Harness

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