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 H7 LED Headlight bulb kit for the Yamaha Super Tenere

H7 LED Headlight bulb kit for the Yamaha Super Tenere

Price: $175.95
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Item Code:CIL-LED-H7-S10
New for summer of 2018  Now more powerful, better thermal efficiency, all metal bases
This LED upgrade kit optimized for the Yamaha Super Tenere uses the Cyclops 4800 lumen H7 LED bulbs (high and low beam) and includes two new caps. Instant on LED performance with proper beam patterns for your S10.

- Easy Install
- Color Temperature: 5600K
- 9400 Lumen (4800 lumen per bulb)
- IP68 rated
- 1 year warranty

Accessories Accessories
T10 LED parking light bulb
Price: $14.95

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
SuperTenere Kit
I ordered the kit for the SuperTeneré ZE 2015 on Sunday and received on Thursday in Spain. Installed in 45 minutes (I had to fight a bit to fix the plastic H7 adapter into the support).It was not necessary to dismount the headlight. Plastic caps fit perfecly , no issues touching the fork or other parts. No regulation of the beam was needed after the change. Excellent result.
Reviewed by:  from Spain. - 4/17/2018
5 Stars
I went from night to day thanks to the quality of your products. I highly recommend it because it contributes to my safety. Produits excellents qui contribut à ma sécurité. Éclairage parfait de la route et des bas côté. Montage facile après une soirée à regarder les vidéos de conseils et lecture de la notice. Je recommande vivement
Reviewed by:  from France. - 1/9/2018
5 Stars
Excellent product
I am really happy with my cyclops kit for my Super tenere. The results are awesome. I was concerned about the light cap hitting my suspensión fork, it was not the case. Everything was perfect. I really recomend the kit. I took mine to my local bike shop GS RIDERS SERVICE, in Bogota and in 15 minutes I was out. Great product, thanks cyclops adventure sports.....
Reviewed by:  from Bogota. - 8/30/2017
5 Stars
Fantastique !!
Recommandé à tous les utilisateurs de XTZ 1200 !! C'est, sans mauvais jeu de mot, le jour et la nuit !! Bien lire la notice, regarder la vidéo du montage sur la GS. Le plus difficile (façon de parler) c'est de rentrer le câblage dans le phare. Thanks !! Very fast send in nices conditions. Easy mount, high quality and high efficiency. Highly recommanded !!
Reviewed by:  from FRANCE. - 7/11/2017
5 Stars
Cela transforme l'éclairage d'origine de la SUPER T qui est vraiment faible. C'est avant tout exceptionnel en feux de croisement où l'on voit parfaitement devant la moto, avec un éclairage blanc et puissant. Bravo à Cyclopsadventure car le produit est reçu en 1 semaine. Le conditionnement est très pro et parfaitement protégé. Bravo pour les couvercles arrière de bloc phare qui remplacent ceux d'origine. Avant de faire le montage, un conseil, regardez les vidéo tuto de leur site. En 20 minutes et sans aucun outil, tout était en place. Thanks, great product and great result. I am very happy and I can just recommand
Reviewed by:  from FRANCE. - 2/15/2017
5 Stars
Awesome Lights
Went back and forth for a while about spending this kinda money on light bulbs. Talked to some people at Overland Expo 2016 and read lots of reviews. Bought two sets, one for my brother and one for myself. The dust cap was the only pain to reinstall (just like the OEM cap). But boy let me tell you what!!!! These lights are the bee's knees!!!! Money very well spent and I even have a friend that wants to put them on his new BMW K1600!!!! Very recommended product for those that want to see whats ahead of them at night!!!
Reviewed by:  from So Cal. - 9/23/2016
5 Stars
Review/observations of the 6400 lumen H7 LED Headlight bulb kit for the Yamaha Super Tenere
The Cyclops LEDs provide a more effective, better quality light with improved width & height with whiter, fuller, consistent light void of some of the holes/dark areas in the oem H7 pattern. This is impressive given that the oem dual projector design headlight with both always on low & high already provides good quality lighting relative to many other bikes. Both bulb types provide a similar cutoff pattern on low while the Cyclops high beam is more diffused, that at first blush doesn’t provide the same distinction between low & high as the oem H7s, but in reality provides a much larger (wider & higher) pattern of visibility & definitely provides further reach as demonstrated by the much brighter reflective road signs that become visible well beyond the reach of the oem lights. It’s like watching a wide screen tv vs 4:3 ratio…your eyes & brain get to process more info from a wider field of view, which is a good thing increasing the safety factor. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade, particularly when factoring in the dramatically lower current draw (approx ½ the oem setup), increased durability & service life. The quality of the individual components is impressive in this era of offshore manufacturing + the attention to sourcing, design, detail & durability with the massive heat sink, full time on fan (Darryl pride fully states only 1 failure in nearly 50k units over 2 years!), a controller that pulses power to extend service life, top level moisture rated connectors, best available emitters with inherent superior vibration resistance vs non-LEDs (they tested them under water!) & the custom designed replacement covers (longer) that reuse the oem o-ring to keep moisture out make this a complete kit that offers real value. I would classify this as a refinement upgrade on the S10 with many significant benefits, of which increased conspicuity from other drivers is always a good one because of the brighter, whiter light output. Adjusting the lights down seems to improve the effectiveness of the LED setup & will help reduce any increased glare for oncoming drivers. Thank you for the prompt replies to my many questions & helping identify the correct install & nuances of the LED light kit….your responsiveness & “customer service first” attitude sets a “gold standard”… thank you Darryl & Team Cyclops!
Reviewed by:  from Vancouver, BC, Canada. - 4/29/2016
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