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 Cyclops Extreme Racer LED Helmetlight Kit

Cyclops Extreme Racer LED Helmetlight Kit

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The updated Cyclops Extreme Racer LED Helmet Light Kit will help get you into the winners circle with dual chin mounted LED lights that produce a strong beam without light scatter and without excessive glare or particle feedback. Put the light where you need it, not in the tree tops! It can be ran from the included lightweight battery or your bike's 12V dc power supply(optional). All new chin mounts allow the lights to be adjusted to the perfect angle in all directions, without the glare common to top mounted helmetlights. Low power draw means quicker recharges and longer run times at a very light weight package.

The single emitter design means lighter weight, more usable light, better beam patterns at a lower power draw, without the excessive glare. The lightest helmet mounted light on the market. A helmet light setup done better.

- No permanent mounts stuck on your helmet

- Low profile and tucked in to keep from snagging branches, etc.

Cyclops is known as a leading innovator of motorsports lighting and for 15 years has specialized in making high quality helmet mounted lights, made for riders by riders.
Run Time: 5 hours
Color Temperature: 5500K
Quick Recharge
12v DC Compatible
2 Year Warranty on Light Head / 1 Year on Battery
Made in the USA

Includes: 2 lights, 2 chin mounts, Y cord, 2 Li-Ion batteries, charger, and storage case.

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Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
First ride tells the whole truth.
My first ride proved that the Extreme Racer kit was everything they said it was. Incredible optics. No blotchy hot spots. I have a another single light that is also very bright, maybe even a little brighter when compairing to the Cyclops. This is where optics comes into play. There is no substitute for great optics. The cyclops have a very smooth, warm tone which looks more natural at night. My eyes are able to better identify variations in elevations such as whoops, cresting hills. Transitions between rocks and their shadows make picking lines safer and faster. Another great feature is that they work much better when there is dust in ahead compared to the my other light. The result is similar to running your bright lights in fog as opposed to running the dim lights instead. Now I understand why they were sold out and I had to buy the other light last year. Now for the only con and in no way a deal breaker: I wish the strap-mounted plate was spring loaded. This would keep the lens in place but also make it adjustable on the fly instead of having to remove the lights from the helmet, loosen the screws and replace it. My advice for now is on your first ride to leave the outer screw a little loose and the middle screw just loose enough to be able to find the best angle then tighten em both up and you'll be set.
Reviewed by:  from Lake Arrowhead. - 9/10/2018
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