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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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What is the single most important item on your bike? If you think about it, probably the most overlooked and potential self-inflicted hazard for us riders - tire pressure and leaks from impalements while we ride. 
  Now monitor that with the Cyclops TPMS.Now update your bike with a Cyclops Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Get real time info on tire pressures and tire air temperature. A huge safety advantage, know what your tire pressures are when you jump on your bike. Easy to install and operate, this system uses replacement valve caps to actually show your tires' current air pressure and temperature on the multi-color display. Set an audible alarm for low and high pressure warnings.

- See leaks as they happen, slow leak warning
- Monitor tire pressure for varying conditions
- Monitor tire air temperature for possible increases
- Set tire pressure low and high alarms separately for front and rear tires
- Runs from 12V dc power, No replacing batteries or recharging on the display.
- Wireless sensors use an internal battery
- Mounts on Dash or handle bars
- 2 sensors included, with an extra set of batteries.
- Switchable from Bar to PSI
- Waterproof

Cyclops Motorcycle Tire Pressure Management System
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