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7000 Lumen H4 LED Headlight Bulb

7000 Lumen H4 LED Headlight Bulb

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New for 2017 - 7000 Lumen Edition!

Simply the brightest, smallest, most reliable H4 replacement LED light available! Get HID performance with the benefits of LED. Don't be fooled by poor quality impostors with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle or automotive closed off headlight bucket. This is the best H4 LED headlight and only available from Cyclops and our select partners.
 Proper low beam cutoff to prevent blinding oncoming drivers

6th Generation Improvements:
- New Shield for the best low beam cutoff on the market.
- Brighter/Better Low/High Beam Contrast
- Lower Kelvin Color
- Reduced Size
- Smaller, Replaceable Drivers (This means if the bulb is out of warranty and there is an issue, parts are available. The only LED bulb on the market to offer parts.)
- Simplified Installation
- Enhanced Reliability

Product Overview:
- Cree XM-L2 and XHP50 series Emitters all emitters fire on High Beam!
- High & Low Beam Modes
- Fan Cooled for Extreme Conditions and Long Life. A fan is a must for any quality LED Bulb.
- Compatible with H4 Motorcycle and Automotive Headlights
- Spacers Included for Low Beam Cutoff Adjustment.
- No External Ballast or Boxes to Mount
- Vibration proof
- Water resistant

Technical Specs:
- Color Temperature 5500K
- Power Draw: 25 Watts on Low / 50 Watts on High
- Emitters Lifespan: 30,000 hours
(Do not expect this bulb to last longer than your vehicle)
- 12 Month Warranty

DC Voltage Only
If you have AC powered headlights, you will also need the optional rectifier shown (see product options to add one). Most street legal bikes are DC powered, exceptions being the KTM EXC 250/525/530 carburetor equipped bikes and most other dirt-based dual sport bikes. The WR250r is a DC powered bike.

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Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
Cyclops 7000 lumen H4 LED
I installed the Cyclops on my Suzuki DR650. I had to make a small modification to the stock rubber weather boot to make it fit on the back of The Cyclops bulb but other than that it was plug and play. The install took approximately 30 minutes. Went for a night ride and WOW, what a difference. Quite literally a night and day difference. Half the draw from the charging system and twice the light with a 30,000 hr bulb life. It's a win win win.
Reviewed by:  from NOrth Carolina. - 5/15/2017
5 Stars
AWESOME is the only word to describe it.
This is the kind of light that any motorcycle should come with from the factory. This is pure white usable light. Not the overly blue light like so many try to pass off as good. I am absolutely 100% pleased with this bulb. Hi beam is akin to a coon hunters spotlight. Need to see 100 yards down the road....no problem! Get it you won't be sorry.
Reviewed by:  from St. Louis MO. - 4/7/2017
5 Stars
H4 7000 lumen in 99 KTM LC4e
This bulb is awesome! It, along with an aftermarket replacement lense made a world of difference. The stock light is really only good for seeing where you are going to crash. Now I look forward to night rides.
Reviewed by:  from Henderson. - 4/2/2017
5 Stars
Awesome light!
I ordered this light to replace and LED light that was on my bike when I bought it, the LED light that was on the bike was terrible. The low beam was barely bright enough to see by if you were on an unlit road, the high beam was at best what the low beam should have been. I was very uncomfortable riding at night. I found this light and read the reviews and decided to try it and man I am glad I did. Literally night and day difference in this LED vs the one that was on my bike. Highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed!
Reviewed by:  from Easley. - 3/27/2017
4 Stars
H4 7000 Lumen in a '98 R1100GS
I just installed the H4 7000 Lumen Cyclops LED headlight bulb on my 1998 BMW R1100GS. It's much brighter than the stock bulb, and it functions perfectly so far. The install process was not easy on my bike. There wasn't room inside the headlight bucket for either the rectangular Cyclops driver or the square 3-prong plug, so I had to mount those parts externally. I'm happy with the product, but the install process was difficult on my bike.
Reviewed by:  from Longmont, CO. - 3/1/2017
5 Stars
7000 lumen H4 Headlight Bulb
Last couple years we have been going to Deals Gap N.C. My bud wanted to ride up to the overlook on US129 at night. OK. Wasn't a very fast ride as my eyes aren't what they used to be and it showed. That was when I decided to purchase this lighting upgrade. Everybody that purchased the 3800 lumen setup seemed every happy with it. So when I saw the 7000 model I made my move. Couldn't be happier. Pretty sure I'll see things I don't want to now!!
Reviewed by:  from KC Kansas. - 2/28/2017
5 Stars
Holy Crap
I ordered an H-4 replacement LED bulb ( and upgraded to the 7,000 Lumen) for my wifes 2000 Triumph Legend. It arrived in 4 days which was great. However we decided to upgrade the whole Motorcycle to a new (left over) Triumph America LT. It also had a 7" headlamp.So decided to keep it, just in case. We took delivery last week. The new bikes light was much better, but I figured I would put in the replacement LED. so did it earlier today and just turned it on tonight. The 2000 lit up the road in front of the bike in a nice dim yellow glow, that you could out run on foot. The new bike doubled that ( my guess about 400 feet on low beam)). But this is the whole back yard of or neighbors 400 feet away, bright and white enough so they could have a party in the yard. Yet on high beam it is HOLY CRAP bright, the yard, part of yard next door the back of the house and the garage. Do not waste any money on any other bulbs, this is it you can not explain it, I just know you won't regret it.You would have to drive like a fool to out run this high beam. No animal will cross your path they will think it is day light.Do it!!! It's impossible to be disappointed. Proud to put my name! Jerry Horn
Reviewed by:  from Waterford NY. - 2/26/2017
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